China Glaze Nail Polish Swatches- Happy Holiglaze Collection 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.55.00 PMHello Guys!! I have China Glaze’s Holiday collection to share with you all! (Technically 2/3’s of it.) I grabbed the ones I thought I’d like and these are what I ended up with. I purchased this online at Cherry Culture a bit back and now I have the swatches! I also purchased their fall collection which was a bunch of cremes and foils and just colors that didn’t end up being my favorites at all. I have a few out of the entire collection I would use again and to sum it up, I was disappointed. This collection however, I have a totally different opinion on. I enjoyed swatching all the shades!! So click below to check them out!!

Be Merry, Be Bright

Be Merry Be Bright- A blue/purple glitter in different sizes with red glitter in different sizes. I did 3 coats.

So Blue Without You

A beautiful blue metallic/foil polish. I did two coats

There's Snow One Like You

There’s Snow One like you is a white textured polish with chunky white glitter. It was very clumpy after one coat and I need to try one coat over a white base to see if that helps! Otherwise I still think this is a unique shade!

This Is Tree-medous

Gold/green super fine glitter. I did three coats. I loved the formula and how the glitter dried, I like that it can get opaque very quickly and the textured of it feels like really fine sand. Love this shade!!

Put A Bow On It

Put A Bow On It- Ok this one doesn’t have the same shade on it all over but I forgot to swatch this one before I had to file my nails down some. (Sadness) But I did have this and the formula is the same as This is Tree-medous. I did 3 coats

Bells Will Be Blinging

Bells Will Be Blinging- This is a polish with super fine blue glitter, small hex silver glitter and holographic bar glitter. I did 3 coats.

All Wrapped Up

Almost last is All Wrapped Up, another super fine blurple colored glitter. I did 3 coats.

Your Present Required

Last is Your Present Required- A HUGE mixture of random sized glitters in different colors. I love that this polish has huge white hex-shaped glitter in it. I didn’t get any in this swatch but they are in there and unexpected!


5 Comments on “China Glaze Nail Polish Swatches- Happy Holiglaze Collection 2013”

  1. That last glitter looks REALLY cool!

  2. Kitsu says:

    The textured one really does look like snow! Although I can definitely see it getting annoying and snagging everywhere too.

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