Milani Texture Nail Polish- Fall 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 2.09.17 PMDSC01561

The textured polish craze caught my eye when Zoya came out with their Pixies but I unfortunately do not have any of those, so when I saw these darker textured polishes I was very interested. These are by Milani cosmetics, a brand I am not completely familiar with. I do know that they are the same manufacturing company as Jordana cosmetics, which I love.  While I prefer the sparkly finish over the one without any, I really like these. I’m very into the vampy shades. Most of these are two coaters and they dry alright. I had problems with the first two staining my cuticles so be careful if you do not want stained skin! I got these from Cherry culture website for $4 on sale, but you can buy these from the Milani website as well. Click below for pictures!

Beautiful Bordeaux

Beautiful Bordeaux is a deep deep red that resembles dried blood. You can see the red near my cuticles. I did two coats.

Charming Carmine

Charming Carmine is a wine-ish red that really fits its name. This is a pinky-red in case you pick those kinds of polishes. I did 2 coats

Mystery Mauve

Mystery mauve- This one is sort of a dusty purple. I did two coats

Velvety Violet

Velvety Violet- This one is one of my favorites. I did two coats.

4 Comments on “Milani Texture Nail Polish- Fall 2013”

  1. Charming Carmine is my favourite.

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