Big Makeup+ Polish Haul+ Becca brush

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Heyyyyyyy! Ok I got a lot of polishes and makeup recently. This is pretty much collected throughout a couple days with the exception of the Becca brush, that was sent to me for free. I hope to have these posted throughout the upcoming two weeks. I have more things I’m going to be purchasing and I am going to bust my butt to do reviews and such. I’m going on vacay to SC next week for Thanksgiving and I’d rather not have to do these things during the only time I get to visit my mother. My blog will have no lack of content this month! Take a look at what I have coming up!

polishes haul 1
L to R- Kleancolor polishes in Mermaid, Metallic Aqua, Fuchsia Glitter, Pure Ice polishes in Viva Las Vegas, Royal Flush, Getting Gorgeous, All Night Long, Sinful Colors polishes in Silver Rainbows and Pine Away. The Silver Rainbows and Pine Away are the only ones I have found from their new collection and I’m so sad about that! I want all their bar glitter polishes!

polishes haul 2

First Row L to R- A cheapie brand I found at a Beauty Supply. These are amazing!! J polish in Baby Pink, French White, Vivid Purple, Maybelline brocades polishes in Beaming Blue, Black N Mirrors, Emerald Elegance.

Second Row L to R- I know these look pretty much the same but trust me they are different and gorgeous! Kleancolor polish in Golden Nightmare, Moon dance, Mud Pie Sparkle, Metallic Mango, Peaceful Heart and Metallic haul
Lastly we have a bunch of stuff, The black box was sent to me from Ifabbo, it is a Becca one perfecting brush. I also found some of the Wet N Wild glitter trios in Drinking A Glass of Shine and Twinkle and Loving it! I also got NYC Big Bold Mascara and NYC dark brown pencil for my brows! The V.I.P palettes are from Kleancolor and they were so bright I had to try them out! Those are in Flawless and Sublime. The big palette I found at Rite Aid the other day and it looks SO CUTE. The little shadows are adorable and the fact that they are named kind of makes me want them a little bit more. I looked at the back to the manufacturer and saw that it is by Markwins which also produces Wet N Wild, so if you’re a WNW eyeshadow fan GRAB THIS. It was only $3 and the shades are just as pigmented as the WNW eyeshadows are. I found the nail art studs at Walgreens and I have been playing with them for a while (note the open one) the other one is for you guys!! I also bought 2 more of the Julie G textured polishes for a giveaway and the Covergirl will be part of that. Once I figure out the packaging I will be hosting a Giveaway with those items and a couple polishes I have duplicates for and that are Limited Edition! Keep an eye out!! Enough rambling!! P.S the Maybellines will be put out later today!!


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