Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish- Brocades collection (3 more shades!)

purchased by me iconHello, If you follow my blog you saw that I got 3 shades from this collection but of course wanted more!! So here they are!! There are a couple left I have not purchased but so far this is what I have. I will link the other 3 down below in case you want to look at those too. I loved all of these and I had no problems with them with the exception of Black N Mirrors which was a little clumpy and streaky to apply. After a second coat it was much better. I got these for $4 at Rite Aid. If you have a favorite let me know!!
Emerald Elegance
The first one is called Emerald Elegance, a green polish with a gold shimmer and chunky green glitter. I love this one!! I did two coats.
Black N Mirrors
The next one is also one of my favorites regardless of the way it applies. This is Black N Mirrors. It is a black clear-black tinted polish with silver and gold glitter of varying sizes. This also has the gold shimmer to it. I did 2 coats
Beaming Blue

Overall I love this collection, Maybelline always comes out with the best glittered polishes for their limited edition items. I LOVED the Polka Dots collection and the Sequins collections!! Which is your favorite?? Let me know!

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3 Comments on “Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish- Brocades collection (3 more shades!)”

  1. Yay the blue, different shades of blue, like it!

  2. […] SWATCHES of Black N Mirrors, Emerald Elegance & Beaming Blue here […]

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