Pocket Money Polishes Review in Starry Starry Night

*This product was sent to me on behalf of P.M.P at no cost to me, in no way does this influence my opinion about this product. All opinions are my own. 

Starry night bottle shots

Hello Girls and fellas! Today I have a review of Starry Starry Night by Pocket Money Polishes, a UK Indie polish brand making 3-Free polishes. I was excited to see this polish and swatch it, not only is this a beautiful glitter polish, but this is also my first indie polish here on Alilacquer!

At first glance in standard home lighting I thought it was a blue nail polish with white stars and gold glitter. BUT under the lighting I use to swatch, this polish turned out to be a clear based polish with blue hex-shaped glitter, white stars and gold glitter. I also thought that the gold glitter was just that but I ended up realizing that it was also holo. The second picture below shows that.

The bottle size is very small in comparison to other polishes I have. Not sure of the size of the bottle but I’d say it is about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of an Essie bottle which is .5fl oz.

I first swatched this polish over a purple base and did two coats of Starry Starry Night. The blue glitter isn’t sparse in this, the only glitter I had problems getting ahold of were the stars which you could just get the brush to dab them on. I personally think that for this polish the sparsity of the stars was on purpose. On the other hand I do suggest having a top coat. Since the stars don’t lay flat on the nail they will get caught in clothes and pop off. (Easy fix.)

starry starry night/purple

starry night 1

I also swatched this over another shade and this is over Brash nail polish in Rocker Rose. For these swatches I did about 3 coats.

starry starry night bottle

Starry starry night

Overall I really liked this polish, I feel the formula is good and does NOT smell which is great. I’ve looked through P.M.P USA store and they have GORGEOUS glitters in their store. So if you liked this check them out at their store/FB page!  -XOXO

P.S: If you decide to order from P.M.P use code: PMPUSA10 to get 10% off

You can visit their store here(Not Affililate link)



2 Comments on “Pocket Money Polishes Review in Starry Starry Night”

  1. Love the stars over purple!

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