Crown Brush HD Brush Set Review

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Hello!! While I was out of town I received this set by Crown Brush. It is the HD set w mirror and tweezers and I could not like this set anymore than I already do! This vegan friendly set comes in three colors; purple, white/blue and orange for $27.95. 

CB Outside

Inside the brush set you have a mirror (which I flipped over), some slanted tweezers and 6 brushes in a zipp-able pouch. I am a fan of the material, its not cloth so it won’t be hard to clean if you get makeup on the case.


The brushes themselves are really soft, I like the deluxe contour for my  my foundation and I really liked it. It is like the Becca brush were it sits on the bristles and doesn’t soak up all the product. Application wise, I’d say that it is better than my Becca brush!

CB brush set 3

My favorite brush in this picture would probably be the crease blender. I expected it to be a little smaller but I like it and it works well for its  purpose. I don’t use gel liners as much so the detail liner probably won’t get much use but if I was using it more, I would prefer another one over the one provided in this set. I like my eye liner brushes a little stiff and this one is very soft. If that’s your preference this is the liner brush you would like!CB brush set

As mentioned above, I love the deluxe contour brush and I will not be using it for contouring! I actually prefer my Becca brush. (Link will below.) The rest I do not have any complaints about. I’ve had maybe 2 hairs shed but most of the time washing them helps this. The quality from its case to the brushes are nice and the color just makes it a little bit better!

The tweezers I actually like as well and I was quite happy to see they were there as I always loose mine! If someone needed a brush set, this is one I would definitely would recommend!

You can find Crown Brush here!

Purchase here:

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