E.L.F- 56 Piece Makeup Artist Collection Review

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*I purchased this*

Hey ladies!!!

Do you like good quality makeup? Do you like a bargain??? Is this both?

Well, today I will answer that for any of you who have been eyeing this promising-looking set from E.L.F! This is going to be a VERY lengthy post so beware. 🙂

ELF-paletteWhen you get this palette you will receive all that is pictured on the box. The first thing I’m going to go over is the palette. The eyeshadow palette basically has 3 pieces, the entire palette and the eyeshadow and the blush. The eyeshadow and the blush sets each come out and are removable. You get 10 blushes and 40 eyeshadows. The entire palette is a little heavy and is of very good quality.

My favorite part of this ENTIRE set is the blushes, not only are they very pigmented but they are almost all shades I’d use and all in 1 convenient location.


The first row of the blushes are very pretty, they are all pretty pigmented and all flattering. The second row is more like bronzers. Overall very impressed with the blushes as far as pigmentation and application wise. I’d repurchase them separately if  I could.Elf-palette-blush-swatchesElf-palette-blush-swatches

The next part of this palette are of course the eyeshadows. Ah the eyeshadows- they looked so lovely on the website. So this one has a lot of mixed reviews for me.


There are great shades and then there are shades that I wonder why in the world they would even put out in this palette. Some are very hard to pick up and some are very soft and velvety. This entire eyeshadow portion of the palette is very hit and miss. I didn’t take the swatches for the palette but honestly I’d say roughly half of these shadows are worth it!

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 6.32.09 AM

The mascara provided with this collection is their everyday $1 mascara, the Lengthening & Defining mascara. I did a heavy coat as I would do with any mascara and as you can see in the pictures it does what it says it does.


I was actually surprised at how quickly it made my lashes really long. The BIG problem about this product is still the formula. While it does lengthen my lashes the entire product is just is a NO NO. This is a mascara on the wet side, it just never seems to dry and it causes it to smudge a lot.


I put on eyeliner and brushed against my lashes and this is what happened, huge clumping of the lashes. Once my lashes touched each other they didn’t want to come out of the clump. In my honest opinion this mascara is NOT worth a buck, so please don’t waste your money!

The next thing in this set is the brushes. These are both from the essential line, which means they are all in the “buck” category. The top one is the Profession Blush Brush and the one below is the Professional Eyeshadow Brush. The blush brush feels very prickly but the eyeshadow brush I do like from the essential line. I just use that one to pat on eyeshadow. 


Elf-eyelinerFinally I’m to the end of this set. (Aside from the eyeshadow primer) The last two things I want to talk about are the eyeliners. The set included the liquid eyeliner and the sharpener eyeliner pencil, which are both also in the buck category.

I really do not have any complaints for these items as they are both something I’d use on an everyday basis. Both items are nicely pigmented but they aren’t really anything mind blowing, just every essentials. I really like the eyeliner because it has a built in sharpener in the cap. I honestly always appreciate this as I always lose my pencil sharpeners. I have several of the E.L.F dollar eyeliners so I always have sharpeners if I need it for another product.

ELF- Pencil


L to R- Liquid liner, Eyeliner pencil

This was such a long and daunting post to write. I haven’t ever posted a review with this much negatively in it. E.L.F has WONDERFUL products and most of this collection were misses for me. The site always has sales and unfortunately I had been eyeing this on the site for a while and when I was on vacay and at Target I saw it and couldn’t resist purchasing it. I paid $2o (full price) for it and maybe if I had paid $10 for it I wouldn’t be so disappointed. The things that were good you can easily buy separately, aside from the blushes. If you’ve read this far, you are really a trooper!!  And no worries E.L.F!! I still love you!! (lol)

Final Verdict: Worth the money? No


2 Comments on “E.L.F- 56 Piece Makeup Artist Collection Review”

  1. Kitsu says:

    Hah, I agree, e.l.f. products are definitely always a hit or miss. I pretty much gave up on their essential line because I was tired of being disappointed with those products =/

    • alizeth says:

      Yeah I’m not sure they have an item in the essential line I’d buy over and over. Glad I’m not the only one though! Studio line though is really really great.

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