Essie nail polish in Belugaria

When I purchase polishes for Alilacquer I buy them because I feel the people visiting my blog will love them. I always like polishes no matter what but this is one of the polishes I was TRULY lusting over and wanted so when I got the opportunity to get it while I was at Target I had to! I paid full retail ($8.50) and I do not regret it! I try to keep polish purchases at $5/6 or below but occasionally you just have to go over right? Any way I’ve got to say that Essie has created the weirdest nail polish shade ever. In my opinion its ugly and strange and for that reason I LOVE IT.

This is from their Encrusted Treasures collection, which is a very gorgeous collection! Its a textured black polish with holographic glitter. The application is a little more complicated than other finishes as it is a little splotchy in application. Nonetheless, this is such a unique polish. My boyfriend said it reminds him of coal! Lol

So what do you guys think? Weird? Love it? Hate it?
Essie Belugaria Essie Belugaria2 Essie Belugaria3

P.S I know that I’m behind on my challenges and my swatching but I’ve got 6 hours of volunteer work for the Humane Society in my area today and I have to drive 6 hours tonight to go get my daughter from gma’s house so all my posting should start being updated after Monday, including the rest of the ELF swatches!


4 Comments on “Essie nail polish in Belugaria”

  1. Inez says:

    A unique, rock like texture, xoxo.

  2. oh gosh your bf is right it does look a bit like coal with sparkles in it!hmm i sense you may be starting a trend!:)I’m now following your blog lovely!x

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