Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak- Dry Shampoo Review

NYM-dry-shampoo Hey guys!

If you keep up with Influenster (which is an amazing site btw) you would know that they got this product in their Violet VoxBox! I heard so many good things so I decided to go for it and purchase it myself. I have a Dry conditioner but ran out of Dry shampoo forever ago, so that also helped the decision!

If you’ve never purchased one I really recommend doing so. It really is a hair and time saver when it comes to not washing your hair everyday! For instance, had hairspray on yesterday and hair felt less than presentable today, well spray this stuff on your roots and all over and you’ve got brand “new” hair. (Boyfriend approved!)

A lot of hair products have a heavy fragrance to them and while sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it is not, so I enjoy that this one lacks a heavy scent. It smells fresh, light and airy.

Some dry shampoos can also have the “white cast” which is a powdery white streak that can show up in your hair. (NOT CUTE!) This product does not give you that and it makes your hair just as soft as you would have if you had washed it! Overall I love this product and would repurchase.

If you’d tried this let me know what your thoughts are!

(I paid $5.99 @ my Harris Teeter)


4 Comments on “Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak- Dry Shampoo Review”

  1. I’ve used this stuff for a couple months and I completely love it! I tried to start washing my hair less after I dyed it to prevent fading, so I got this to stop my hair from getting all yucky on the in-between-washings days. I love the scent, too- not too much, but just a nice light clean smell, just like you said. Nice review! πŸ™‚

    • alizeth says:

      Yay another NYM lover! I agree, less washing with dyed hair is great for delaying it!! Thanks for stopping by! Saw somewhere that someone said it doesn’t smell like anything!! what!! haha

  2. Kitsu says:

    I love this too! One of my favorite dry shampoos πŸ˜€

  3. five7and2 says:

    I love Not Your Mothers’ products πŸ™‚

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