Les Cinq Amandes-The 5 Almonds Candy Review

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Today I have a little different kind of review here, something on the sweet side. I got the opportunity to try out a company with amazing products and a well meaning behind them. I absolutely love chocolate and their huge passion behind their own brand, so take a look at their exceptional chocolate!

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First up I have one of their Renaissance boxes, which contains a cute and very wrap-able box. The outside is a cardboard sleeve which slides off the box to reveal the goodies within!

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 8.33.31 AM

This renaissance box came with two flavors, first one I tried, the Tiramisu Seduction is also one of my favorites, it has a dark chocolate flavor with a crunchy-chewy texture . The inside crunch is that of crushed almonds and the outside is my favorite, which is a dark chocolate taste (50% dark chocolate.) I personally have never tried Tiramisu but if any of you have let me know how it is! There was also a second flavor in this box, Orange Peel Fait Masison, which was an interesting flavor when I first tried it. I wonder if it’s because I literally tried everything here right after each other but at first my reaction was “what the heck is this!”  I feel like this taste of the Orange Peel chocolate is a taste you have to get accustomed to. It definitely has an orange zest kind of taste, so if you like oranges you’ll love this one. I did give this one a re-taste and I actually don’t mind the taste on this one! To try your own, you can make a one flavored renaissance box for $5.50-$15.50 here

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 8.31.50 AM

The Baguettes are my favorite. I love the taste of the shell but also the crunch of it and the almond in the center. I truly could eat those all day. Les Cinq Amandes allowed me to customize my candy with the shades that were my favorite, so I chose 3 colors. You can create your own custom baguettes here, retail is $8.80


The next thing that I got to sample did not have a name on it, but looking at the site I suspect that this is their Petite Pistachios. This one is also one of my favorites as this one’s taste is similar to the Baguettes but the crunch is a little different and the size is also smaller. Overall I love both and would eat them again! lol

You can buy these in a 3.8 oz box of these for $18 here

chic caramels

The last thing that I got was some of their chic caramels. I know that I’ve been saying that all of them are my favorites, but truly I loved everything I got! The light brown ones in the package taste like Whethers Original candy but in a very chewy form. Those are really good, but there is also another flavor included which is called their Cupidon, which comes from Roman god of love. This one is my favorite chewy caramel that I have ever tried. Its a chocolate caramel, but the taste is divine, its tastes like chocolate coffee with a hint of that caramel texture. You can get 8 here for $6.00

Overall I’m very happy that they let me try out their products, it is a great company with lots of choices in chocolates and gift-able things. Their prizes are very high and in their respect, I think rightfully so, their products are unlike anything I have ever tasted from the typical candy isles we have in our stores. If you want to give yourself something remarkable I’d definitely recommend this company.  You can get 10% off your order using code: HOLIDAY10

Visit them here:the5almonds.com (not affiliate link)

From their about me page:

It all started as a simple wish—actually, five of them.
In the mid-17th century, European aristocrats celebrating weddings and special occasions would offer their guests five confectionary almonds symbolizing wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility. This tradition spread and continued in many parts of the world, mostly unchanged, until now. We at Les Cinq Amandes, took the centuries old tradition and updated it by offering innovative flavors and colors of dragées, creating couture, modern and outstanding designs, and renewing the set of wishes to Peace, Health, Happiness, long life and of course…Love. The result: An incomparable gift giving experience infused with elegance and symbolism!
*These products were sent to me on behalf of the company and in no way does it influence my opinion, all opinions are my own.*

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