L’Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust collection- Hidden Gems & Sexy Sequins+ Display


Hey guys, more textured collections are popping up and L’Oreal is on the bandwagon! This collection is called the Gold Dust collection which is a textured polish collection with gold shimmer in all of the polishes.

This is one of their most gorgeous collections that caught my eye so for now I picked up the two! I also have the display  picture and the shades/names and bottle shots are included in this collectionI did two coats for each swatch!

The first shade is called Hidden Gems, it is a black polish that shifts from blue to red and gold. The shift shows more blue than the other colors, but this one also has bigger chunks of silver glitter that isn’t in any of the other polishes in this collection.

The next polish is called Sexy In Sequins it is a purple tinted polish with lots of gold shimmer and I want to say pink/red/gold specks in it. This shade also has smaller shaped silver glitter? It really could be something other than silver, but the tint of the polish makes it a little hard to pinpoint if this is really just a silver glitter. 

The texture of these are comparable to sand and these don’t catch on your clothes or anything like that. I’d also say that the removal of these are comparable to removing glitter, it really isn’t difficult.

I found this collection at Rite Aid and paid $5.49 each.  If you have any questions about these let me know!

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