Welcome to my blog.
My name is Ana and I’ve been blogging since April 2011. I originally started MUIMH (Makeup Is My Hobby) through Blogger then switched over to WordPress on what I now call Alilacquer.
(Ali is a abbreviation of the first letter of my first name and li is a part of my middle name and lacquer of course is nail polish.)
I started off blogging about makeup but now focus more on nail polish then makeup. 
With my blog I hope to interact more with women who have my passion and then to 
eventually become my own brand!
Join me in my journey!
I have a lot of swatches on this blog so look around and find your next nail polish!
I have Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter
Pinterest of course has my general interests and I do have a board with nail polish swatches of different brands. @alilacquer
For Instagram my account is for swatches, pictures and sightings at stores that you might be interested in.  @Lizeth164343
Twitter is where you can stay in touch with my posts and updates on whats going on on the blog.
So if you would like to keep in touch check those out! @alilacquer
You can find those links to my social media accounts on my front page!
As always thanks for stopping by!

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