5 Piece Blue Cross Ornaments set!


Hello gals and fellas!

Today I have that 5 piece mini scented set from Rite Aid to share. The hot pick one is my least favorite, the pictures I took for it does not do it justice, and it was just horrible for my camera to pick it up. It is just a hot hot pink with multi glitter. OK pics below!!

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Pics-Blue Cross Ornament Nail colors

Hello! Found this at Rite Aid! I didn’t pick this up today but I hope to soon. Blue Cross is always at Rite Aid on certain holidays and usually they are no-named and lots of times they are all the same shades within deferent packaging. They are the company that produces the snowman polishes and the pumpkin polishes. Their products are good except for a few polishes that have a horrible smell.  While they are usually all the same like I’ve said I really like this little line as there are 2 shades that I haven’t seen and I’m not sure if they are new, but I don’t think I saw them last year.

Have you ever seen a bright green glittery-jelly polish like that in the drugstores?? I think not! The Strawberry shade (the red/blue) is also very unique for a drugstore polish and it looks really cool! They have strawberry, blueberry swirl, vanilla frosting, and so forth on them, which looking back at their past products would probably mean that they are scented according to the name. The blue jelly15 shade labeled blueberry swirl came out a couple times and this time it looks slightly different.  It looks a little lighter and has the finer silver glitter to it.  OK enough rambling on, but these look really cool for 5 bucks!


Blue Cross Pumpkin Polishes

Good Afternoon! I got these the other day at Rite Aid (NOT on sale.) I try to get things when they are on sale, but looking at the display stand for these, there were only 1 shade of each and I didn’t want to end up not being able to pick them up later when they did go on sale. Which ended up being the next day!! WAHH. (rant over)

So quick little note, I don’t open polishes in the store to smell them so when I finally did open these to do a quick swatch, I was overwhelmed with the HORRIBLE smell of these. They smell like straight up paint thinner. The formula smell is almost nauseating, so if you are sensitive to smells, these may not be for you. Once they dry, the smell is gone and after  a while the smell goes away. I love these glitters but I really wish they’d change the formula. These can be purchased at Rite Aid for $4 each or $3 right now until Sat. 21.

bottle shots

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Holiday Lights Nail Polish swatch

Hello! I forgot to do a nail swatch of this when I first got it.
It’s so gorgeous!!! I do feel it looks weird with my skin tone,  but 
I like it regardless.
This is 2 coats
You can find these at Rite Aid for $5.
If your store has this, I’d definitely recommend getting these.