Whats New @ the Drugstore: Sally Hansen products

If you guys haven’t been to the drugstores lately, make sure you do! Sally Hansen has a ton of stuff for you to try out and lots of things to make your nails go from simple to very cool!


There are lots of top coats/nail art tools and even new polishes, so take a look, there are a lot of pictures!! (Which happen to be taken by my boyfriend so thanks to him!)

As of right now I do not know if these are limited edition but I can probably find out at a later time.  Check the pictures out! Read the rest of this entry »


Essie Nail polish Encrusted Treasures in Lots of Lux Swatch

Hey guys! This swatch was lurking in iPhoto and I decided I should share this gorgeous polish by Essie! This is a gorgeous blue textured polish from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection.


I have also included pictures of the display collection which finally hit my Rite Aid stores last week. You can most likely find this at other drug stores and also at Target, which is where I purchased mine at.


Pics-Blue Cross Ornament Nail colors

Hello! Found this at Rite Aid! I didn’t pick this up today but I hope to soon. Blue Cross is always at Rite Aid on certain holidays and usually they are no-named and lots of times they are all the same shades within deferent packaging. They are the company that produces the snowman polishes and the pumpkin polishes. Their products are good except for a few polishes that have a horrible smell.  While they are usually all the same like I’ve said I really like this little line as there are 2 shades that I haven’t seen and I’m not sure if they are new, but I don’t think I saw them last year.

Have you ever seen a bright green glittery-jelly polish like that in the drugstores?? I think not! The Strawberry shade (the red/blue) is also very unique for a drugstore polish and it looks really cool! They have strawberry, blueberry swirl, vanilla frosting, and so forth on them, which looking back at their past products would probably mean that they are scented according to the name. The blue jelly15 shade labeled blueberry swirl came out a couple times and this time it looks slightly different.  It looks a little lighter and has the finer silver glitter to it.  OK enough rambling on, but these look really cool for 5 bucks!


Pics-Maybelline ColorShow Brocades Collection

SWATCHES of Lavishly Lilac, Amethyst Couture & Ruby Refined here

SWATCHES of Black N Mirrors, Emerald Elegance & Beaming Blue here

Herro! I visited Rite Aid today and man does Rite Aid kill it with sales. Sally Hansen is 40% off atm with $5 back wyb $15 work. Thats awesome as I can’t remember the last time SH was 40% off! Anyway I was looking for new things and saw this and was instantly excited as I’ve heard about it and definitely wanted some. I have always loved the limited edition things that Maybelline comes out with, they are usually ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and this collection is no exception to that! I picked up 3 shades from this collection for now and if you are interested in this collection, if you can find these at Rite Aid they are on sale for $3. Some of my pictures didn’t focus so sorry about that but click more to see them closer!

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Fergie Heavy Metal Collection Pictures!

Yay! The holidays are among us! Yes Halloween hasn’t passed yet but honestly who doesn’t love the holidays!

Found this collection at Rite Aid a little bit ago and I picked up one shade the one down last as it looked pretty and unique. (I always move towards the glitters.) The shade is called Mountain High, it has pretty iridescent glitters and gold shard glitter. Very pretty! Take a look below and see if this collection sparks your interest! Will have swatches of Mountain High within a couple days!

Fergie Metal holidayfergie metal holiday bottle shotsfergie2013 holiday mountain high

NEW: Sinful Colors Glitz & Glittered Collection

Sinful Colors has come out with very beautiful glitters in this collection. Ice dream (the silver/blue glitter shade) came out last year in the Holiday Shimmers collection. So when I have swatches of some of these shades, I will include that one. As far as I know, the rest are new? If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me. I should start getting the shade names, but next time I’m around I will.  Very early for Christmas stuff, but I’m not complaining, I love me some glitters!

Glitz & glittered

Covergirl Hunger Games LE Collection Preview

The other day when I went to Walgreens I came across this display of a Hunger Games limited edition collection. The polishes are gorgeous but quite small. For the price/size I feel its expensive. (I would say around $3.XX each) but don’t quote me on that. They ARE on sale for Buy 1 get 1 50% off.  If I’m correct, there are more shades to this collection for the polishes.

I’m also excited for the mascara, it seems to be like the flamed out one but with a curved brush. Love the flamed out mascara btw, I really recommend it. I’m not sure yet If I will get anything from this collection, but I might pick up the mascara, the one I got recently-Jordana Extreme lash is “not a favorite.”

XOXO- Thanks for stopping by!

Ps. I have more LE displays to share, but I wanted to do them seperately BUT I’m a little under the weather so I’m behind on schedule! Keep a look out for those posts!