Sinful colors nail polish in (what am I??)

I noticed that the name didn’t seem to fit, and saw that another shade seems to be silver rainbows, but what is this one?? I looked at the two bottles and they both have the same name….If you know what this is please let me know.

Today’s swatch is Sinful colors’s (XX), a very sparkly green, blue and red bar glitter polish. This took about 2 coats to do but also because I did the sponge on method. (Pic of that will be below) I have been looking for these shades forever now and I finally found them at my Walgreens on an end cap!! Woot!! I have a few more shades left to show you this year!


sinful-colors- Silver Rainbows
Do you guys like bar glitter?? Think it’s been over?


Sponge on method: put on 2 layers onto the sponge, and then wait a couple seconds for some of the excess clear polish in glitter polish to soak into the sponge, and then press that onto your nail. It gives you more glitter overall and faster! (I would even say it dries faster too.)

Also consider the silver holo glitter a preview 😛


Essie Nail polish Encrusted Treasures in Lots of Lux Swatch

Hey guys! This swatch was lurking in iPhoto and I decided I should share this gorgeous polish by Essie! This is a gorgeous blue textured polish from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection.


I have also included pictures of the display collection which finally hit my Rite Aid stores last week. You can most likely find this at other drug stores and also at Target, which is where I purchased mine at.


Essie nail polish in Belugaria

When I purchase polishes for Alilacquer I buy them because I feel the people visiting my blog will love them. I always like polishes no matter what but this is one of the polishes I was TRULY lusting over and wanted so when I got the opportunity to get it while I was at Target I had to! I paid full retail ($8.50) and I do not regret it! I try to keep polish purchases at $5/6 or below but occasionally you just have to go over right? Any way I’ve got to say that Essie has created the weirdest nail polish shade ever. In my opinion its ugly and strange and for that reason I LOVE IT.

This is from their Encrusted Treasures collection, which is a very gorgeous collection! Its a textured black polish with holographic glitter. The application is a little more complicated than other finishes as it is a little splotchy in application. Nonetheless, this is such a unique polish. My boyfriend said it reminds him of coal! Lol

So what do you guys think? Weird? Love it? Hate it?
Essie Belugaria Essie Belugaria2 Essie Belugaria3

P.S I know that I’m behind on my challenges and my swatching but I’ve got 6 hours of volunteer work for the Humane Society in my area today and I have to drive 6 hours tonight to go get my daughter from gma’s house so all my posting should start being updated after Monday, including the rest of the ELF swatches!

NOTD- Sinful Colors Pine Away w/ Studs

About a week ago I purchased this at Walgreens, Its part of the Sinful Colors collection that came out purchased by me iconfor the holidays. It was alone in a display stand which was inconveniently placed at the top of the isles.  So if you’ve been looking for new Sinful Colors shades, I recommend looking upwards! (lol) Also at Walgreens I found these cute nail art wheels so I decided to combine the two. I really like this combo of green and gold as it reminds me of Christmas.
Sinful colors NOTDSC NOTDSinful colors NOTD

Hope you guys enjoyed Thanksgiving!! -XOXO

Wet N Wild Coloricon Face Glitter Trio Swatches- 2013

WNW Glitter trios

L- Twinkle and Loving It! R- Drinking A Glass of Shine

purchased by me iconWNW+Glitter??? Sign me up! I saw these in an end cap display with new products for the holidays and of course it had to be the one time I didn’t have my camera with me. Anyway I was like heck yeah I can do some eye glitter looks. BUT of course I look on the back of the palette and see that it says “not for use in the eye area.” That makes me sad as this is pretty much only reason I purchased this. The shades look tinted and also feel very greasy!! Anyone pick any of these up?

Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish- Brocades collection (3 more shades!)

purchased by me iconHello, If you follow my blog you saw that I got 3 shades from this collection but of course wanted more!! So here they are!! There are a couple left I have not purchased but so far this is what I have. I will link the other 3 down below in case you want to look at those too. I loved all of these and I had no problems with them with the exception of Black N Mirrors which was a little clumpy and streaky to apply. After a second coat it was much better. I got these for $4 at Rite Aid. If you have a favorite let me know!!
Emerald Elegance
The first one is called Emerald Elegance, a green polish with a gold shimmer and chunky green glitter. I love this one!! I did two coats.
Black N Mirrors
The next one is also one of my favorites regardless of the way it applies. This is Black N Mirrors. It is a black clear-black tinted polish with silver and gold glitter of varying sizes. This also has the gold shimmer to it. I did 2 coats
Beaming Blue

Overall I love this collection, Maybelline always comes out with the best glittered polishes for their limited edition items. I LOVED the Polka Dots collection and the Sequins collections!! Which is your favorite?? Let me know!

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Milani Texture Nail Polish- Fall 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 2.09.17 PMDSC01561

The textured polish craze caught my eye when Zoya came out with their Pixies but I unfortunately do not have any of those, so when I saw these darker textured polishes I was very interested. These are by Milani cosmetics, a brand I am not completely familiar with. I do know that they are the same manufacturing company as Jordana cosmetics, which I love.  While I prefer the sparkly finish over the one without any, I really like these. I’m very into the vampy shades. Most of these are two coaters and they dry alright. I had problems with the first two staining my cuticles so be careful if you do not want stained skin! I got these from Cherry culture website for $4 on sale, but you can buy these from the Milani website as well. Click below for pictures! Read the rest of this entry »

Julie G Textured Nail polish Collection

Hello!!! I’m excited that I get to swatch this collection!! It is one of the most prettiest textured polishes I own. I love this sparkly/shimmery finish more than the flat shades such as the Milani textured ones. ( I have those coming up on my blog soon!!) Anyway take a look because these are absolutely gorgeous!! If you’d like to see the rest of the collection you can scroll down to the end of the post and see the last two!! These are $3.99 at Rite Aid or you can purchase them online with Jesses’s Girl!


Ho HO HO is a pinky-red shimmery shade. I did 2 coats

Gift Of Gold

Gift Of Gold is yellow toned gold, I did 2 coats.

Silver Bells

Silver Bells is a silver shimmery shade which is one of my favorites in this collection. I did about 2 coats


Mistletoe is a darker green with lots of shimmer in the same color scheme. I did 2 coats for this.

Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes nail polish in Blue Persuasion

Blue Persuasion is up today! This is my favorite from Sinful Color’s Crystal Crushes textured line. It looks kinda blue in the picture but the shade is more like a blurple;  so more like a blue-purple shade. I love the small pink glitter in this, I think it goes very nicely. Very unique!
Blue Persuasion

Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes Polish in Got A Blush On You

Herro!! Today I have a solo swatch in Got A Blush On you! This is another polish from Sinful Colors first textured collection. (Correct me if I’m wrong!) This is a very shimmery pinky red with a pink/blue iridescense. This polish is very sparkly. You can find this for $2.99 at Rite Aid. I haven’t see it at any Walgreens I’ve been to, but I know for sure that they are at Rite Aid! This one is not my favorite, If you have any from this line you recommend, let me know!

SC Got a Blush On You