Whats New @ the Drugstore: Sally Hansen products

If you guys haven’t been to the drugstores lately, make sure you do! Sally Hansen has a ton of stuff for you to try out and lots of things to make your nails go from simple to very cool!


There are lots of top coats/nail art tools and even new polishes, so take a look, there are a lot of pictures!! (Which happen to be taken by my boyfriend so thanks to him!)

As of right now I do not know if these are limited edition but I can probably find out at a later time.  Check the pictures out! Read the rest of this entry »


3 Shades- Sally Hansen Xtreme Nail Polish Fall collection

Sally hansen bottle shots

Spark In The Dark, Confetti Cake, Sea-ly String

Good Afternoon! I have gotten my swatches of this Limited edition Sally Hansen collection swatched. (I only purchase 3 shades out of maybe 8-10 new shades)

I purchased these at Walgreens for $2.79. Surprisingly I ended up liking Spark In The dark the most out of the3 I purchased, with Sea-ly String next and with Confetti cake being my least favorite. Purchasing these, I knew they wouldn’t get opaque, but for the sake of a Limited edition polish, I had to buy them anyway.  Read the rest of this entry »

NOTD- Sinful Colors Last Chance and Sally Hansen Polish

On my nails today I have Sinful Colors Last Chance which is a super deep forest type creme green. I also layered Sally Hansens Diamond Strength polish in Twist of Lime on top. (It was a from a limited edition collection) Really liked this combo!! 🙂

SC last chance NOTD

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Limited Edition Polish in Pink Sprinkle

Hello 🙂

Sugar Coat Polish in Pink Sprinkle

L- No flash R- with flash

I was told that there were more polishes in this line so I did some searching and found out they may be on sale at Target for $3.50. WELL they were NOT, but I ended up getting them anyway. These were on sale for $5 and I picked up 2 others which I will add sometime soon. I really like this shade as it is not just a flat color like the other one is. This shade reminds me of crystals!! Its so pretty! I did about one heavy coat and the dry time was relatively fast but then relatively slow after 1 coat. Same goes for removal, one coat is easy but after that it becomes little harder to remove.

Sugar Coat Polish in Pink Sprinkle 2

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish



From my recent haul I have the textured polishes from Sally Hansen. I really am not sure if I like it or not, I do like the black one for sure, but the others not so sure. They are really cool and the shades are as well but the texture is a little odd. When these are applied, I feel  if you don’t immediately apply as evenly as you can it clumps pretty bad in some areas pulling clumps together and leaving bare areas. When I tried to do another coat over that, it really clumps badly and I know these are “textured” but it just doesn’t look flattering….Saying that, I did have to redo some nails because the clumping was a little much in some areas. Other than that these are neat. They were around $6 each and can be found at Rite Aid


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Small Polish Haul!


I was at Walmart the other day and kept seeing this end cap filled with Salon Perfect polishes and Pure Ice. I had already gotten the Pure Ice’s I was Interested in which is from my last haul, but I also was eyeing these as the green one is possibly a dupe for an indie polish called Floam. I also found right beside this collection (it was a collection and some random shades) a nail art duo with a brush and a dotter tool. So I also purchased that.

The Salon Perfect polishes are $3.98 each, the dotter tool was $2.50ish and the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Polishes were around $6 each at Rite Aid.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.54.17 AM

Valentine’s Day Polish

Lovely polish that has not seen the light from one of my hauls!!
This is Sparkling Rose by Sally Hansen. 
I got this at Kmart while back for about $2.50.
It was an unmarked sale, but I still see this available for around $5-$6.
I have on 2 coats over black. 
This has gorgeous shift between pink and orange. 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Swatch

I don’t know why but I was attracted to this color the moment I saw
it.  Its part of the Sweet Sorbet display I found at Walgreens. 
I used about 3 coats for the pic. 

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Products

So I went to do some sight seeing at the drugstore(s).
I wanted to find the Wet n Wild Halloween collection, but nothing yet. :C
I did find a bunch of limited edition stuff. Some are old, some are newer.
I don’t know why but I was very attracted to the yellow in this collection.
 I will have a swatch for it soon.

 I have the 5th color, I got it from Dollar General, But there was no 
Limited Edition notice there. Does anyone even know if it is?
I have the swatch under the label Sally Hansen on my blog. 

These are really pretty! First color looks like Spoiled Nail polish’s 
My Saturn Broke Down. 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Swatches

I actually didn’t get these at  Big lots or Beauty World. I got these too at Family Dollar 
looking for more L. A. Colors Jumbo pencils…..No luck on the first but 
I  found these. There were about 15 colors on a stand and these were at
$2 a piece. Formulas are fine the glitter was a little runny, otherwise no complaints.