Fast Dry

These are Wet N Wild’s FastDry Polishes.
They dry faster than normal polishes (I’d sure hope so!)
Most apply pretty sheer which most likely helps with
the drying time, but I do prefer having to do less coats of polish.

These bottles contain .46 fl oz.

There are currently 18 Permanent shades in the line.

WNW Fast Dry polishes are Toluene & Phthalate Free

Most of these I got on sale with coupons or regular price at $1.99.

You can find these polishes pretty much at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart and online

at (not affiliate link)

Below is list of the shades; an * beside the item means that I have swatched it. (this is also mainly for my own references)

  1. Everybody Loves Redmond
  2. Orange*
  3. The Gold & The Beautiful *
  4. The Wonder Yellows *
  5. Sage in the City *
  6. SaGreena the Teenage Witch *
  7. Teal or No Teal *
  8. Teal of Fortune *
  9. Ebony Hates Chris
  10. Saved By the Blue
  11. Buffy the Violet Slayer *
  12. FushiaRama *
  13. How I Met Your Magenta *
  14. Hannah Pinktana *
  15. Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire *
  16. Silvivor
  17. Gray’s Anatomy *
  18. Party Of Five Glitters *


  1. Twinning Vines * 
  2. Caught On Sapphire*
  3. 18k Gold*
  4. Penny For Your Thoughts*
  5. Quartz Of Course*
  6. Emerald The Crown Jewel
  7. Rocking Rubies

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