Essie Nail polish Encrusted Treasures in Lots of Lux Swatch

Hey guys! This swatch was lurking in iPhoto and I decided I should share this gorgeous polish by Essie! This is a gorgeous blue textured polish from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection.


I have also included pictures of the display collection which finally hit my Rite Aid stores last week. You can most likely find this at other drug stores and also at Target, which is where I purchased mine at.



Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes- Ruby Mine & Emerald Envy Swatches

Hey guys!! First of all apologies for not posting for like 4/5 days! As you can probably tell my nails are short, and my pointer finger kept breaking and I just had to file them down as I kept trying to patch the broken nail. It had enough! Well I have almost nubs now and It definitely got me down and made me have a little blogging rut. Have you seen my nails here? They were beautiful!! I know some of you may not see it as a big deal and in reality it ISN’T but I feel as a nail blogger that that was a HUGE factor of how I liked my swatches and my length and NO WHERE in my 21 years of life have my nails EVER been that long. Honestly. Never. So to have them break got me down. I have gotten the O.P.I Nail Envy Nail strengthener so wish me luck!! RANT OVER!

Ok so today I decided to post these two from Sinful Colors. Their beautiful did not want to be captured by my camera, but both have a gorgeous gold shimmer/sheen to them. I’m not sure if it’s just be but they seem to dry a little slower than normal after 1 coat. Both are two coats. Theses are available at Rite Aid for $2.99 so if your store has these PICK THEM UP!!

Ruby Mine:

Sinful Colors Ruby Mine Sinful Colors Ruby Mine

Emerald Envy:

(Before my nails went bye bye :c)


Essie nail polish in Belugaria

When I purchase polishes for Alilacquer I buy them because I feel the people visiting my blog will love them. I always like polishes no matter what but this is one of the polishes I was TRULY lusting over and wanted so when I got the opportunity to get it while I was at Target I had to! I paid full retail ($8.50) and I do not regret it! I try to keep polish purchases at $5/6 or below but occasionally you just have to go over right? Any way I’ve got to say that Essie has created the weirdest nail polish shade ever. In my opinion its ugly and strange and for that reason I LOVE IT.

This is from their Encrusted Treasures collection, which is a very gorgeous collection! Its a textured black polish with holographic glitter. The application is a little more complicated than other finishes as it is a little splotchy in application. Nonetheless, this is such a unique polish. My boyfriend said it reminds him of coal! Lol

So what do you guys think? Weird? Love it? Hate it?
Essie Belugaria Essie Belugaria2 Essie Belugaria3

P.S I know that I’m behind on my challenges and my swatching but I’ve got 6 hours of volunteer work for the Humane Society in my area today and I have to drive 6 hours tonight to go get my daughter from gma’s house so all my posting should start being updated after Monday, including the rest of the ELF swatches!

Rite Aid 75% small haul+ Very cheap Almay Liquid Lip Balms!+Polish haul

Good Morning! I hit up Rite Aid yesterday with the intentions of getting some of these Almay Liquid Balms and of course I had coupons!! Not only were the Almay cosmetics 40% this week but I had $5/2 coupons. I needed mascara and I had a coupon for that also so I grabbed this Covergirl one. I’ve always loved CG mascaras so I’m sure that I’ll love it! I got less than I thought I’d get but I like what I got! The $5/2 Almay cosmetics coupon is still available so I’d print it out if I were you!! That is a very high value coupon!

Mascara- Retail- $9.99

Almay Liquid Balms Retail- $6.99 ea.

Total: $3.67+ 0.68 tax= $4.35

Not too shabby!!
I have some new products I will be swatching soon! I got 6 textured polishes to show you all which includes Essie, Sinful Colors and L’Oreal. I also found the Sinful Colors Tinsel N’ ice collection. Also have some misc. things like L.A. Girl, Jesse’s Girl and Sally Hansen (which was provided by Influenster.) There’s a random Sinful Shine in there which not really sure why but I purchased that a while back I’ve just neglected to swatch it! Oops!

Really cheap got2b hair products!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 8.06.05 AM

I was at Walgreens yesterday and I saw that they had these products on sale so I snapped pictures in case you all were interested in getting really cheap hair products! If I’m thinking correctly you can also find these on sale at Rite Aid. Use the coupon and combine it with the sale to get Got2b for $1.79- $2.39. REALLY CHEAP for hair products. I’ve used the crazy sleek one and I love it, smells nice!! You can click on the $1.50 picture to be sent to the coupon! There are two, 1 for $1.50 off 1 and another coupon for $3 off of 2 products.

NOTD: All Things Christmas nail art!

For today’s NOTD my left hand has made a resurface! It’s still short :c but I’ve started Biotin and I am hoping I get more growth. Since I’m right handed I decided to do some nail art on my left hand and thus came up with this mani inspired by some of the things that are all about Christmas and my #12DOCChallenge Wreath challenge. If you have any questions about how to do any part of my mani let me know!!
Christmas NOTD

VERY pic heavy-Rite Aid 75% off Sale Pictures!

Have you been wanting things to try out but not for much?? Well this is probably the perfect time to do so as Rite Aid is having their 75% off sale. I was over there the other day picking up some new products for the blog and decided to recruit my boyfriend to snap some pictures for me while I shopped!! So thanks to him for doing so! Anyway DONT forget that you can use coupons to make this items free-insanely cheap! I’m going to be going again today to pick up some things on sale so I will have a mini haul of that within a day or two!
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#12DOCchallenge- 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge- Day 10- Wreath

Good Afternoon! Today’s nail art challenge is wreaths and it wasn’t too bad of a challenge except my little bows could have been better. I could have done little ornaments but my entire style regardless of what category it is, is very simple so I opted for just wreaths and bows. I did the wreath part with Sinful Shine in Amazonian using a small dotting tool. The gold is Essie’s Good As Good. Hope you guys liked it and my new blog layout. I always change it I know!! -XOXO
Day 10- Wreath
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Glitter Unique- Glitter Haul

Hello! I said earlier on my blog that I had purchased some glitter to do some frankens and I now have “swatches” of the 12 colors I got. I found a really great site (Glitter Unique) that had samples for a dollar and a ton of selection, which ultimately made it harder to choose which ones I wanted. All other sites I found had samples at $2 and I’m a cheapo! I didn’t want to spend that much! (lol) They give you really good sized samples. A baggie is enough for maybe two polishes depending on how much you use!

I like big chunks of glitter so I purchased mostly all .094 sized glitters. The site has a ton of sizes so if theres any shape/size/color there has to be something on that site for you! I have pictures to share, all the examples of the samples I found were in video form, so here is some pictures for you guys who are interested in frankening! -XOXO Read the rest of this entry »

Forever 21- Love & Beauty 7 Piece Glitter Nail Polish Set


Greetings!! I always stalk Forever 21 online on their beauty section. There polishes are actually really cute, I was eyeing this set we don’t have a Forever 21 here in my area so when I went to GA about 2 weeks ago where there WAS one, I had to get this. This is $10.80 on their site and in stores. GREAT DEAL!  Unfortunately these do not have names, but in case you were considering getting this check out the swatches, I really recommend! Read the rest of this entry »