12 Days of Christmas Nail art challenge- Day 20 & Day 23

Good Morning ladies & maybe gents! I felt like doing my nails so I do some nail art on my left hand, my nails are finally starting to seem like they want to grow! (They have kept breaking anytime they got to cm of growth.) Any way I decided to do Christmas tree freestyle for today’s challenge and I did the last challenge which was presents.

For today’s challenge was christmas tree freestyle, so I pulled out my glitter! First I made little tree’s using WNW Fast Dry polish in Sagreena The Teenage witch (you can see it swatched here.) I also used glitter from glitterunique.com in Christmas Tree Mix! While Sagreena was still wet I just sprinkled the glitter onto the wet polish, conveniently a star feel perfectly into place at the top of the tree so I decided to put the stars in the glitter mix at the tops of the trees!
christmas tree mani Tree mani- single
Missing from the last 3 days is the Presents mani, which I made out of 3 shades of polish, red, green and silver. The silver and red is ELF’s Red-y Or Not and Liquid Metal, the green is also Sagreena The Teenage Witch.  This mani was very easy, I just used a striper nail art polish to do almost all of this, I also used a dotting tool to do the dots!
presents manipresents mani
I know I’ve been bad at keeping up! sorry, but hope you guys liked these!!


NOTD: All Things Christmas nail art!

For today’s NOTD my left hand has made a resurface! It’s still short :c but I’ve started Biotin and I am hoping I get more growth. Since I’m right handed I decided to do some nail art on my left hand and thus came up with this mani inspired by some of the things that are all about Christmas and my #12DOCChallenge Wreath challenge. If you have any questions about how to do any part of my mani let me know!!
Christmas NOTD

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge- Dec.2- Red


Hey!! I found this challenge today and I had to catch up so I have Day 2 and Day 4 needing to be posted! I’m already doing well as I’ve done both today. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you might have seen how I’m HORRIBLE at sticking to monthly challenges, so here’s to trying to stay on top of it!!

IF you want to join in, do it!! (And link your mani’s in my comments so I can see it too!! I hope that some of you participate and do check out Lacquered with love’s page about the challenge! I will add my pics to instagram too to use the hashtag: #12DOCchallenge

If you aren’t following me on instagram please do so here!

For this I used E. L. F nail polish in Red-y or Not. It is from the 14 piece nail polish cubes. I purchased it during Thanksgiving weekend so I will have those swatches soon! I also used some heart glitters that I purchased recently also. A glitter haul will also be coming up sometime late this week so keep an eye out on the blog! Let me know if you have any questions! Feed back is always appreciated!! -XOXO

Dec2-Red2Dec. 2-Red


5 Piece Blue Cross Ornaments set!


Hello gals and fellas!

Today I have that 5 piece mini scented set from Rite Aid to share. The hot pick one is my least favorite, the pictures I took for it does not do it justice, and it was just horrible for my camera to pick it up. It is just a hot hot pink with multi glitter. OK pics below!!

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