Daphine Polish Review-Poinsettia & Skating


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Hey guys, today I also have an indie polish review/swatch for you today. I was sent these two shades from the Daphine Polish Christmas collection. You can view that here on her Etsy shop.

I have Poinsettia and Skating to share today.

Poinsettia was definitely one I would not have chosen for myself as I’m not a fan of reds, but swatching it, I had a very different opinion on it! I came to like it very much!

Skating is very much so what I would have chosen for myself, I love glitters and the dimension of this one is really pretty. It’s a perfect polish to layer over any color you can imagine!

The first polish to show is Poinsettia, a reddish brick-orange creme with a slight holographic tint to it. It is much more pretty on the nail than in the bottle! I can did two coats for this.


The next one I swatched is Skating, a gorgeous blue glitter polish. It has some diamond shaped holo glitter, multi-sized and colored blue glitter with a gold iridescent base. There’s so many possibilities to layer this over things! For this swatch I used the sponge method, which you can view that here.


poinsetta-skating-daphine-polishOverall loved the polishes! Joanne behind Daphine Polish was very sweet to work with! Thanks to her for providing these for my blog and do check her out, she has lots of  of beautiful indies!

Facebook: Daphine Polish

Etsy: Daphine Polish 


12 Days of Christmas Nail art challenge- Day 20 & Day 23

Good Morning ladies & maybe gents! I felt like doing my nails so I do some nail art on my left hand, my nails are finally starting to seem like they want to grow! (They have kept breaking anytime they got to cm of growth.) Any way I decided to do Christmas tree freestyle for today’s challenge and I did the last challenge which was presents.

For today’s challenge was christmas tree freestyle, so I pulled out my glitter! First I made little tree’s using WNW Fast Dry polish in Sagreena The Teenage witch (you can see it swatched here.) I also used glitter from glitterunique.com in Christmas Tree Mix! While Sagreena was still wet I just sprinkled the glitter onto the wet polish, conveniently a star feel perfectly into place at the top of the tree so I decided to put the stars in the glitter mix at the tops of the trees!
christmas tree mani Tree mani- single
Missing from the last 3 days is the Presents mani, which I made out of 3 shades of polish, red, green and silver. The silver and red is ELF’s Red-y Or Not and Liquid Metal, the green is also Sagreena The Teenage Witch.  This mani was very easy, I just used a striper nail art polish to do almost all of this, I also used a dotting tool to do the dots!
presents manipresents mani
I know I’ve been bad at keeping up! sorry, but hope you guys liked these!!

Sinful colors nail polish in (what am I??)

I noticed that the name didn’t seem to fit, and saw that another shade seems to be silver rainbows, but what is this one?? I looked at the two bottles and they both have the same name….If you know what this is please let me know.

Today’s swatch is Sinful colors’s (XX), a very sparkly green, blue and red bar glitter polish. This took about 2 coats to do but also because I did the sponge on method. (Pic of that will be below) I have been looking for these shades forever now and I finally found them at my Walgreens on an end cap!! Woot!! I have a few more shades left to show you this year!


sinful-colors- Silver Rainbows
Do you guys like bar glitter?? Think it’s been over?


Sponge on method: put on 2 layers onto the sponge, and then wait a couple seconds for some of the excess clear polish in glitter polish to soak into the sponge, and then press that onto your nail. It gives you more glitter overall and faster! (I would even say it dries faster too.)

Also consider the silver holo glitter a preview 😛

Fresh Paint nail polish in Sugar Crush

Hey guys! I purchased some stuff a couple days ago at my local beauty supply and Five Below and usually on my blog I will try to post things in the order that I buy them but I just really couldn’t wait! I swatched this yesterday so sorry if it looks rough, but it is absolutely GORGEOUS. I swatched it over my basic black nail polish. (Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine polish in Black Creme) I knew this shade would be really pretty but man it exceeded my expectations ! Not only is this polish gorgeous, it is also VERY affordable! I purchased it at my Five Below store, which if I’m correct is an East Coast chain store. They have polishes there for $2 each OR 3/$5. I purchased more Funky Fingers polishes so expect those pictures next week! I could’t stop taking pictures of this, so kind of pic heavy!



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Essie Nail polish Encrusted Treasures in Lots of Lux Swatch

Hey guys! This swatch was lurking in iPhoto and I decided I should share this gorgeous polish by Essie! This is a gorgeous blue textured polish from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection.


I have also included pictures of the display collection which finally hit my Rite Aid stores last week. You can most likely find this at other drug stores and also at Target, which is where I purchased mine at.


Essie nail polish in Belugaria

When I purchase polishes for Alilacquer I buy them because I feel the people visiting my blog will love them. I always like polishes no matter what but this is one of the polishes I was TRULY lusting over and wanted so when I got the opportunity to get it while I was at Target I had to! I paid full retail ($8.50) and I do not regret it! I try to keep polish purchases at $5/6 or below but occasionally you just have to go over right? Any way I’ve got to say that Essie has created the weirdest nail polish shade ever. In my opinion its ugly and strange and for that reason I LOVE IT.

This is from their Encrusted Treasures collection, which is a very gorgeous collection! Its a textured black polish with holographic glitter. The application is a little more complicated than other finishes as it is a little splotchy in application. Nonetheless, this is such a unique polish. My boyfriend said it reminds him of coal! Lol

So what do you guys think? Weird? Love it? Hate it?
Essie Belugaria Essie Belugaria2 Essie Belugaria3

P.S I know that I’m behind on my challenges and my swatching but I’ve got 6 hours of volunteer work for the Humane Society in my area today and I have to drive 6 hours tonight to go get my daughter from gma’s house so all my posting should start being updated after Monday, including the rest of the ELF swatches!

NOTD: All Things Christmas nail art!

For today’s NOTD my left hand has made a resurface! It’s still short :c but I’ve started Biotin and I am hoping I get more growth. Since I’m right handed I decided to do some nail art on my left hand and thus came up with this mani inspired by some of the things that are all about Christmas and my #12DOCChallenge Wreath challenge. If you have any questions about how to do any part of my mani let me know!!
Christmas NOTD

Forever 21- Love & Beauty 7 Piece Glitter Nail Polish Set


Greetings!! I always stalk Forever 21 online on their beauty section. There polishes are actually really cute, I was eyeing this set we don’t have a Forever 21 here in my area so when I went to GA about 2 weeks ago where there WAS one, I had to get this. This is $10.80 on their site and in stores. GREAT DEAL!  Unfortunately these do not have names, but in case you were considering getting this check out the swatches, I really recommend! Read the rest of this entry »

#12DOCchallenge 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge- Dec. 8- Lights

Good Afternoon, this challenge was hardly than I thought! I’m left handed and for some reason my left hand’s nails wont grow so I’ve been using my right hand to swatch. WELL that makes it quite harder to do nail art. I ended up having to do something relatively simple. I used a nail art pen to draw the little bulbs. The challenges coming up will definitely be harder! Wish me luck! -XOXO
nail art thing
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12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge- Dec. 4- Green


Click here for Dec.2 (day 1) red mani

To get caught up on this challenge I already did Dec. 4 mani today! I used Pine Away from Sinful Colors which I had already swatched and did a NOTD on, but its so festive and pretty I could not help myself. I also used E.L.F nail polish in Pot Of Gold to do the stripes on my pointer finger. I also used studs from my nail art wheel and gold glitter from Love & beauty.

IF you want to join in, do it!! (And link your mani’s in my comments so I can see it too!! I hope that some of you participate and do check out Lacquered with love’s page about the challenge! I will add my pics to instagram too to use the hashtag: #12DOCchallenge

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