L’Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust collection- Hidden Gems & Sexy Sequins+ Display


Hey guys, more textured collections are popping up and L’Oreal is on the bandwagon! This collection is called the Gold Dust collection which is a textured polish collection with gold shimmer in all of the polishes.

This is one of their most gorgeous collections that caught my eye so for now I picked up the two! I also have the display  picture and the shades/names and bottle shots are included in this collection Read the rest of this entry »


Daphine Polish Review-Poinsettia & Skating


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Hey guys, today I also have an indie polish review/swatch for you today. I was sent these two shades from the Daphine Polish Christmas collection. You can view that here on her Etsy shop.

I have Poinsettia and Skating to share today.

Poinsettia was definitely one I would not have chosen for myself as I’m not a fan of reds, but swatching it, I had a very different opinion on it! I came to like it very much!

Skating is very much so what I would have chosen for myself, I love glitters and the dimension of this one is really pretty. It’s a perfect polish to layer over any color you can imagine!

The first polish to show is Poinsettia, a reddish brick-orange creme with a slight holographic tint to it. It is much more pretty on the nail than in the bottle! I can did two coats for this.


The next one I swatched is Skating, a gorgeous blue glitter polish. It has some diamond shaped holo glitter, multi-sized and colored blue glitter with a gold iridescent base. There’s so many possibilities to layer this over things! For this swatch I used the sponge method, which you can view that here.


poinsetta-skating-daphine-polishOverall loved the polishes! Joanne behind Daphine Polish was very sweet to work with! Thanks to her for providing these for my blog and do check her out, she has lots of  of beautiful indies!

Facebook: Daphine Polish

Etsy: Daphine Polish 

Sinful colors nail polish in (what am I??)

I noticed that the name didn’t seem to fit, and saw that another shade seems to be silver rainbows, but what is this one?? I looked at the two bottles and they both have the same name….If you know what this is please let me know.

Today’s swatch is Sinful colors’s (XX), a very sparkly green, blue and red bar glitter polish. This took about 2 coats to do but also because I did the sponge on method. (Pic of that will be below) I have been looking for these shades forever now and I finally found them at my Walgreens on an end cap!! Woot!! I have a few more shades left to show you this year!


sinful-colors- Silver Rainbows
Do you guys like bar glitter?? Think it’s been over?


Sponge on method: put on 2 layers onto the sponge, and then wait a couple seconds for some of the excess clear polish in glitter polish to soak into the sponge, and then press that onto your nail. It gives you more glitter overall and faster! (I would even say it dries faster too.)

Also consider the silver holo glitter a preview 😛

Fresh Paint nail polish in Sugar Crush

Hey guys! I purchased some stuff a couple days ago at my local beauty supply and Five Below and usually on my blog I will try to post things in the order that I buy them but I just really couldn’t wait! I swatched this yesterday so sorry if it looks rough, but it is absolutely GORGEOUS. I swatched it over my basic black nail polish. (Wet N Wild’s Wild Shine polish in Black Creme) I knew this shade would be really pretty but man it exceeded my expectations ! Not only is this polish gorgeous, it is also VERY affordable! I purchased it at my Five Below store, which if I’m correct is an East Coast chain store. They have polishes there for $2 each OR 3/$5. I purchased more Funky Fingers polishes so expect those pictures next week! I could’t stop taking pictures of this, so kind of pic heavy!



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Pocket Money Polishes Review in Starry Starry Night

*This product was sent to me on behalf of P.M.P at no cost to me, in no way does this influence my opinion about this product. All opinions are my own. 

Starry night bottle shots

Hello Girls and fellas! Today I have a review of Starry Starry Night by Pocket Money Polishes, a UK Indie polish brand making 3-Free polishes. I was excited to see this polish and swatch it, not only is this a beautiful glitter polish, but this is also my first indie polish here on Alilacquer!

At first glance in standard home lighting I thought it was a blue nail polish with white stars and gold glitter. BUT under the lighting I use to swatch, this polish turned out to be a clear based polish with blue hex-shaped glitter, white stars and gold glitter. I also thought that the gold glitter was just that but I ended up realizing that it was also holo. The second picture below shows that.

The bottle size is very small in comparison to other polishes I have. Not sure of the size of the bottle but I’d say it is about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of an Essie bottle which is .5fl oz.

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Quick- Swatch- Kleancolor Nail Polish In Mermaid

Quick Swatch of Mermaid by Kleancolor. I am not sure how I feel about this yet, purchased by me iconit is a little boring. Of course swatching light shades over black always make polishes more interesting! Thoughts?? Do you like this?
Kleancolor MermaidKleancolor Mermaid

Swatches- Kleancolor Nail polish in Metallic Sapphire & Moondance

It feels like a while back since I purchased these but I have a store nearby that has these pretties for $1 a piece. Note: These are $3.50 each on the Kleancolor website! (score) Anyway I have two to share today and I’d say that Moon dance is my favorite. Take a look!

Metallic Sapphire

The first shade is Metallic Sapphire and gorgeous deep blue. It almost seems to have a purple tint to it.Moondance

The last I have to share for today is Moondance, this one is one of my favorites. Black is my favorite color so of course I love this. I like the small holo hex glitters in it, even the bar glitter is pretty cute in this polish. I did about 2 coats for both swatches. If you have any Kleancolor shades you’d like to to swatch let me know!!


Franken Time! W/ Essie’s Mesmerize and WNW


*Some of the materials in this post may have been provided to me by a company.

What do you get when you have lots of glitter and boredom??? – A franken polish! (Well at least for me!)

Over the weekend I had my birthday and I wanted to actually paint both of my hands so I wanted to create a color. I used a WNW Wild Shine polish in Kaleidoscope. I’m not sure if this is core or what not but I got it in a kind of blog sale thing. I used Essie’s Mesmerize and used a ton of glitters from the Kiss Villians nail art kits. And the result of all that I would like to say that it turned out really cool. It’s still on my nails and I LOVE IT. The frankness I do don’t always turn out good but I really liked this one. If you are curious on what I made, click below. (You know you want to!)

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Pure Ice Nail Polish in Getting Gorgeous

purchased by me icon

Hello!! I had horrible blog issues and my site was down, but I’m back with Getting Gorgeous by Pure Ice, I first saw this on Pure Ice’s FB page and I had to have it. At first I was disappointed because this is a very sheer polish. It shifts from the blue to a pink/purple shade and I had to do three coats for this and honestly four would probably look better. With a “gorgeous” duo chrome finish like this I don’t mind. You can find this at Walmart for $1.99! It was in a really big end cap with new Pure Ice glitters.

Pure Ice- Getting GorgeousPure Ice- Getting Gorgeous 2

NOTD- Julie G Mistletoe+ Kleancolor in Peaceful Heart

Hello, today I have a mani to share and I love this combo. Im not normally a fan of

purchased by me icongreen shades but I know that I was loving the Julie G textured polish in Mistletoe. I purchased this Kleancolor shade recently and I thought that I would combine the two and this is the result! I normally hate glitter shades such as this KC one because It never reaches a opaqueness like I want, but I felt this was a good one to layer. Peaceful Heart is a clear polish with small hex holo green glitters and blue hearts. I layered it over the new Julie G textured polish. Its a beautiful sparkly polish.  Do you guys like this combo!? If you got any recommendations for more KleanColor polishes let me know!

klean color NOTDpeaceful heart