Wet N Wild Wild Shine Polish

Wet N Wild has a SUPER affordable $1 available at places

like Walgreens, Cvs, Rite Aid, Walmart, Family Dollar, Dollar general…etc..

Most of these I got for free with the $1 off any wnw product coupons that come out every couple weeks/months.

The wet n wild website has listed that there are 27 colors in this line

I find that a lot of these are sheer but they do have some really pretty colors.

The Black shade (Black Creme) is my go to cheap black nail polish.

Anything that needs to be swatched over black base will be used with that polish!!!

Below is a list of the shades. * beside shade name means I have swatched those shades. (This is mainly for my own references)

  1. Clear Nail protector
  2. Tickled Pink
  3. Sunny Side Up *
  4. Mauve Frost
  5. Burgundy Frost *
  6. Red Red *
  7. Eggplant Frost
  8. Lavender Pearlescent *
  9. Black Creme *
  10. Frosted Fuchsia
  11. Dreamy Poppy *
  12. Sparked
  13. Blazed
  14. Bjiou Blue *
  15. Caribbean Frost
  16. French White Creme *
  17. Lavender Creme
  18. Kaleidoscope
  19. Lady Luck
  20. Casting Call
  21. Jezebel
  22. Rain Check *
  23. Wild Card
  24. Blue Moon *
  25. Night Prowl *
  26. Metallica *
  27. Hallucinate

Limited Edition Colors

  1. Pom Pom Kelly
  2. Weird Alert Screech *
  3. Chick Magnet Zack *
  4. Straight A Jesse *
  5. Pin’ Em Slater

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